Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maolin 50 days on.

Should you start thinking about visiting Maolin (茂林) again. Yes.
Is everything as it was before Morakot? No.

A few things will be 'different'. For a start, the large Maolin Scenic Area administration/visitor center building formerly at the entrance of the valley has completely disappeared (Don't forget, they have not been charging people to enter the valley for years).

The butterflies are as good as ever. Electricity supplies are stable, kids are going to school, and the people welcome you. Travel in the valley involves some diversions and sections of rough road (usually fine in a regular car).

Some of you may have stayed at the De-en Valley Guesthouse (得恩谷的民宿) near the actual Maolin Valley. There is now a basic bridge (do not cross unless confident your vehicle is suitable and the weather forecast is good) across the river to Mr Chen's guesthouse and he hopes to be available to take guests by the end of October. The valley mouth is filled with lots of rocks, but the I suspect the valley and waterfall are still worth investigating.

This is not his guesthouse!

Help the residents get on their feet again. Go there, take a few pics, stay at their guesthouses, spend a little money buying their trinkets and barbecued boar.

Follow the usual directions there, the bridge just before the entrance of the valley has a quality replacement.

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